Claremont Alumni Inspiring Business Entrepreneurs with New Book.

"many people who have always wanted to start a business, but didn't know where to start. This book is a six day process to take your idea from just an idea, to market."

Claremont Fan Court Alumni Andrew Speer (Class of 2008) has just published his first book, advising budding entrepreneurs on taking the first steps in turning and idea into a business reality. The book ‘Six Day Business: Six Simple Days to Take Your Business from Idea to Market’ is available to buy now from and was the result of Andrew’s and business partners Andra Sandru’s personal experience.

In 2015 the partnership started an import and distribution business into Eastern Europe, but they were soon aware that while the idea was a good one there were flaws in their business model and the business evolved and pivoted to become a successful online women’s clothing company Reflecting on their experience Andrew and Andra realised there were a number of questions that they could have, and should have asked, before starting a business, saving the pair both time and money. Knowing there are many people who have always wanted to start a business, but don’t know where to start, Andrew and Andra have composed a guide to take that spark from just an idea, to market.

Upon leaving Claremont Fan Court School in 2008, Andrew gained a place at Nottingham University to complete a degree in Management Studies. Immersed in student life Andrew joined the student magazine, designing seven issues in his final year, and the Entrepreneurship Society, where he met friends who he still discusses business ideas with today.

After leaving Nottingham, Andrew worked in the Middle East, helping to establish a local company office and later took up a Business Development role in Romania, working in the oil and gas sector. When the oil and gas downturn hit in the 2015 Andrew found that it was his experience in start-up companies, business development and public relations that gave him the skill base he needs to move on and find the next business opportunity, experience he is now able to share and inspire others. Since returning to the UK in September 2016, Andrew has been working for Canadian company as Regional Director in Europe.

Andrews new book is available through