Dougie Mann - Over the Moon to be Working with NASA

Dougie will shortly be working at the NASA Ames Research Centre in the Human Factors and Fatigue Countermeasures departments

Dougie Mann, Claremont Fan Court Class of 2011, has just completed the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) two-year MSc/MA at Imperial College/Royal College of Arts with a Distinction and was awarded a Master’s Scholarship by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Dougie will shortly be working at the NASA Ames Research Centre, in California, USA, with the Human Factors and Fatigue Countermeasures departments on projects for both commercial and aerospace applications. The Fatigue Countermeasures Group, for example, studies the effects of sleep loss and jet lag, and conducts training to counter these effects.

When the current  Claremont Fan Court Year 10  technology pupils visited the IDE summer exhibition in June 2018, Dougie  demonstrated his recent projects including Voice Blox, a language learning tool, and TypeFace, a gestural keyboard for smartphones. Dougie’s interest in the mechanics of the body has led to the development of prototypes such as his interactive sports injury recovery aid, which won First prize in the International Sports Engineering Association student project competition in 2017.

You can follow Dougie's innovative work via his website